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One of the top three treatments!

During aging, this starts from the age of 25, the fat tissue and collagen in the connective tissue reduces. Your face gets more flat and the parts between your fatparts in your face get less of volume. The cheekbones get less defined and loose volume. Also the bone of your skull shrinks, your bonestructure gets less defined en reduces also. The V-form of your face which we call the triangle of youth changes en gets more square.

Also your skin starts to sag and especially the vertical central part of the cheek drops, your nasolabial folds get deeper, this line gets sharper. Also the hamster cheeks are caused by this process of aging.


The treatment

The hyaluronicacid filler will recover the volumeloss. Your face gets more defined, the cheekbones get their original form.



• Hyaluronicacidfiller                                              from € 300,-