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These lines appear, in general, mostly by women. Thereby heredarity and smoking play a big role in the development of the lines.

Even dentist treatments can cause a change in the form and volume of your upper jaw, the volumeloss of the bone of your jaw can cause of increase the wrinkles above the region of your upperlip.


The treatment

This area can be treated in two different ways.

1. filler treatment: a thin filler can be used, especially by moderate or deep wrinkles. The form and thickness of the region above your upperlip determines also if the treatment will be satisfying or not.

2. PDO threads: thin PDO threads can be used bu beginning and distinct wrinkles above your upperlip. Your skin gets thighter after the treatment and smoothing of the region is accomplished. The effect starts within 4-6 weeks, depends on age and quality of your skin.



• Hyaluronicacidfiller                                        € 300,-
• PDO threads                     € 175,-