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Our lips loose volume during our life and is caused by aging and loss of collagen. Or you have small lips, lips with less volume or the form of the lips is not symmetric. Also our lips got small lines when we get older, just like the rest of our skin.

Often is filling of the upper lip ridge and the nose through enough to accentuate your upper lip region ( see vermilion border ). But the majority of the treatments is filling of both lips, in general the ratio of a natural lip is 1/3 upper lip, 2/3 lower lip.

There are different kinds of fillers, it depends on your wishes which filler we shall use. When you only want to smoothen your lips and to treat the lines in the lips, so no augementation, we choose a thin filler. When you want distinct augmentation, we use a thicker filler.


Duration of the treatment:

In common, a lipfiller treatment lasts untill 6 months, sometimes longer. This also an individual issue, the one person wants or needs earlier treatment than the other, this is very personal. Thereby, it depends also on how big the surface is we have treated. When you have small lips and a small mouth, there will be more filler, when we use a 1 ml seringe, in a square inch or cm. The filler lasts longer than when we use 1 ml filler in a bigger surface. Also age, earlier treatments in this region, illness determine the durability of the filler.


After the treatment:

After the treatment there can be more swelling than a fillertreatment elsewhere in the face. This is normal, the swelling disappears within a few days. How much the swelling will be, it differs. Some lips swell barely, some more. You can always use a cold pack. Cooling of the area during 15 min will help to reduce the zwelling and tension in the tissue.  




• Hyaluronicacidfiller                                      300,-