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Frownwrinkles are caused by the extreme use of the frown muscle. 

This phenomenon occurs a lot and it is the area that is the most used for the botox treatment in man and women.

When you use this muscle extremely often, through frowning, the muscle tends to remain in the position of contraction. This causes tension in the region between your eyebrows and finally a deep wrinkle will be visible.

Also headache, especially tension headache, can be caused by the extremely usage of the frownmuscles. By a lot of people the tension headaches will be reduces or disappear.



- When the wrinkles exist for a long time, you need more BTX treatments to soften the wrinkles and to reduce their depth.

- Because of extended use of the frown muscle, this muscle will thicken. BTX treatment relaxes the muscle and the muscle thickness will be reduced after some time.

- Sometimes the wrinkle or wrinkles are too deep, a fillertreatment is than necessary.




• Botulinetoxine   € 150,-
• Hyaluronicacidfiller  from € 300,-