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When we get older small lines appear on your cheeks. These are caused by sagging of the skin and volumeloss. By women with thin skin they appear earlier in life but also a hereditary facotr is important.


Which treatment?

There are different possibilities:

1. PDO threads: fine soluble PDO threads cause new collagen during their breakdown by your skin.

2. Hyaluronicacidfiller: existing deep lines are suitable for a filler treatment.

3. combinationtreatment with filler and threads.


Work of action:

In general we place 10 threads in every cheekregion with a thin needle. After the treatment you can proceed with your daily activities without any restrictions. The filler will be placed with a small canula.



• PDO threadlift fine threads                                         per 20             € 300,-
• PDO threadlift screws per 10             € 200,-