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Crow’s feet are the small lines besides your eyes.

When we are young, we don't see wrinkles around our eyes when we laugh.
However, when we age the wrinkles will appear and stay in rest.
The choice of our product depends on the location, severity and the extension of the lines in the direction of the cheeks and cheekbones.




- When the wrinkles exists for a long time or are very deep, we need more BTX treatments to soften the wrinkles and reduce their depth.

- Because of the excessive use of the muscle around your eyes, the lines will get deeper. BTX treatment relaxes the muscle and the lines will soften or disappear.

- Sometimes the wrinkles are too deep, a fillertreatment is than necessary.





• Botulinetoxine   € 150,-
• PDO threadlift ( soluble ) from € 200,-
• Hyaluronacidfiller    € 300,-