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From the age of 40 hamster cheeks can appear.

For this kind of problem we use the PDO threads with small feathers. The skin will be subtile lifted by the thread and the production of new and firm collagen tightens your skin over the treated. The better and firm collagen is produced by the skin because of the skin will break down the thread.  Your skin gets tighter when the new collagen is produced. The effect is natural, we perform the treatment, your skin does the rest.

Usually we place 4 threads, 2 at each side. This depends on the seriousness of sagging of your cheekregion. How older you are, the more threads we need. In general, maximal 5 threads can be placed at each side of your face. Also these threads are used by clients who underwent a stroke and sagging of the cheek at one side. Extreme sagging is a contrainidcation to place threads, your skin cannot be revealed any more to produce new collagen.

The production of new and firm collagen depends on your age. The maximum age for the threadlift is 65 years. After that age the threadlift is possible, however, the result could be disappointing because your skin probably shall not produce new collagen anymore


The PDO threadlift is the ultimate treatment for hamstercheeks!

Your apparance stays natural, your skin tightens, you look fresh and relaxed.



• PDO threadlift barbs                                                     per thread          € 100,-