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Properties PDO threads



•   skintightening and/or subtile lift  •

 •    by early signs of loss of collagen  •

• ultimate treatment for lifting and skintightening of cheeks and jawline •

• ideal for building up thin skin •

•  skinrejuvenation  •

•  not applicable for deep lines  •

•  new collagen formation treated area after 6 weeks   •

•   duration effect between 12 and 18 months   •

•   applicable untill 65 - 70 years   •

 •   safe, fast and degradable  •

•   natural results  •


Click on the following link for an interesting article about the PDO threadlift

Article about threadlift




What are PDO threads?


PDO ( polydioxanon) threads are soluble threads.

There are several kinds of threads, simple very thin threads and coiled fine threads for local treatment of problemzone and large threads ( barbs ) with very tiny feathers( less than 1 mm) for large areas with more lifting effect ( like cheek and jawline )


General information:

The effect is natural because the action of your own skin causes the result. After the treatment your skin starts to break down the thread. This is a very slow process. During this time your skin produces at the same spot new collagen which is better than the collagen you already have. The new formed collagen is stronger and more solid so your skin gets thighter and more defined. The skinthightening causes a subtile lift, especially when we use the long threads with small feathers. 

The way of actions is: the more threadsurface, the more production of new collagen, the more lift and tightening.


Where can the thread be used and can I expect results?

How many and how strong your skin produces new collagen depends of:


- age : in common the limit of age is 60 - 65 years, smokers or former smokers who have smoked for a long time: 55-60 years.

- skincondition : less fast and good effect by sundamaged skin, extreme loss of elasticity of the skin, chronic disease and drugabuse

- collagen disease and severe skindiseases

- smoking 

- genetic influences: your genes determine for a great part if your skin is tight, contains enough collagen, reaction to the thread such as the neocollagenesis. Look at the skin of your parents !


Is a threadlift safe?


De big advantage of the PDO threads is that within the medical world there is a lot of experience with the PDO threads. Within the surgery the threads have been used for decades, they where used as soluble threads for different kinds of surgery.




De results of a threadlift can last untill 18 months, it depends of course of which thread is used, how many, which area, your age and skincondition. The skin of a smoker is less active and powerfull in the prodcution of new collagen, so this is also a reason to stop smoking.

After the treatment you see the difference but the total effect you will see after months. It needs time and patience. The treated area shows a little swelling afterwards, but this is also a very personal thing. There is skin that does not gives swelling, another skin much more. The production of collagen will come later and also the effect of skintightening. In general after 4-6 weeks.


Most used locations ( more information on this website under treatment areas )


- lift of cheek and jawline

- fine lines both cheeks

- undereyelid

- crows feet

- subtile lift eyebrows

- beginning smokerlines upper lip

- neck

- decollete




In the treated area we will apply a fast working anaesthetic gel. With an very thin injection needle we will place the tiny threads underneath your skin. As soosn as the PDO thread is applied, we remove the needle and the thread remains in your skin. The thread is not visible from outside, the material is very very fine and thin.

Afterwards you can experience some swelling, it will disappear within 1-2 days. This is also a very personal item.

If you experience moderate or extreme swelling after procedures, it is wise to start with Arnica D6 drops or tablets, at least one week before the treatment and two weeks afterwards.




Some examples of the localisations for the threadlift.




4D threadlift: 1 thread 125,-

Anchor threadlift: 1 thread 150,-

In general you need at least 4 threads, however after the treatment we can place additional threads if needed.