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Vetia Mare

Highest quality organic cosmetics, 100% natural with high-dose marine - extracts, minerals, collagen and vitamins

Biologically active components of age-old deep-sea organisms contribute to the regenerative properties of Vetia Mare: 
an advanced cosmeceutical line inspired by Derma Oceanic Science.

Vetia Mare is the first, fully organic marine-based luxury skin care. 
For this, the best ingredients have been extracted from the depths of the ocean for the creation 
of this unique collection of synergistic cleansing and intensely personal treatment products 
that not only make your skin look smoother, younger, radiant, but also keep it that way. 
We call this "youth sustaining".

Vetia Mare contains 100% organic ingredients, no toxic and synthetic substances, 
awarded the Red Dot Design Award and NaTrue 3 star certification. 
The sister brand of Vetia Floris developed and packaged in Switzerland.

Valuable oils, algae and seawater
Vetia Mare creams are very tolerant to the skin and contain highly concentrated nutrients at the same time. 
The different types of algae in particular make the creams very effective. 
Due to their water solubility, algae active substances can penetrate into human cells and take care of them from the inside. 
Seawater is similar in composition to the human cell composition and strengthens the skin 
from within and reduces the first wrinkles. 
In addition, it inhibits inflammation and redness on very dry skin areas.

Highest ingredient concentrations
The products of Vetia Mare are based on the principles of Derma Oceanic Science, 
which ensures that the deep-sea organisms have the highest possible effect without burdening the skin. 
Vetia Mare uses various types of algae that have different effects in anti-aging skin care.

For example, the red algae support cell renewal and prevent irritation and itching while the brown algae 
promote collagen formation and mattify oily skin. 
Microalgae contain firming proteins, nourishing linoleic acids and are rich in trace elements 
such as potassium, zinc, omega fatty acids 3-6-9, vitamins including B12 or magnesium that pamper your skin. 
Your skin will get a naturally younger look again.