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Beauty Pillow … The finishing touch for optimal skin- and haircare



Why a beauty pillow in stead of a cotton pillow?

The beauty pillow has an anti-aging effect, works preventive on existing and new wrinkles and your skin looks junger and shines!


All advantages of the satin Beauty Pillow:

• Prevention of new wrinkles for long-term

• Fits extremely for acne-prone skin

Acne-prone skin, pimples or blemished skin we advise the white satin pillow because there is now coloring substance used. The satin give your skin comfort and regulates the tallowproduction. Cotton activates the tallowproduction and rubs the irritated skin, your skin gets more irritated. Results reveal soon, after 4 -6 weeks the skinrejuvenation has completed and then you can enjoy the result. Of course, a good skincare is just as important.

• Calms down the sensitive skin and couprosis: satin does not rub but is smooth and calms down your skin

• Cools down your skin by nightly sweating and hot flushes, perfect in a Mediterranean climate also!

• Less "sleepwrinkles" in your face after an night sleep.

• Your hear will be smooth, soft and easy to comb. You don't awake with fluffy hair.

• Your hair gets not quickly fat before. The satin does not withdraw moisture from your hair.

• More intensiv work of action of your hair- and skinproducts. Your skinproducts stay on your skin and not in the cotton of your pillow.

• Anti-allergic, satin does not resorb house dust mite.




choice of 12 colors

 size 60 x 70 cm, 80 x 80 cm, 80 x 40 cm

washable by 40, dryer and ironing possible

price: € 25,- each