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The technology

The VelaShape technology combines infrared, bipolar radiofrequency and vacuumtechnology to achieve deep warming up of the fattcells, their surrounding tissue and the underlying collagenfibers. This efficient and targeted warming up of the tissue stimulates the growth and production of new much better collagen and elastin.

Collagen gives the skin strength and firmness, the new and better collagen caused by the treatment with the VelaShape, contributes to give your skin futhermore a firm and smooth appearance. Elastin is an elastic protein in the connective tissue and gives your skin the elasticity and suppleness.

Result: in the treated area the skin becomes more firm, tight and smooth.


What can I expect of the VelaShape treatments?

  • gradually smoothing effect of the skin surface with evident diminishing cellulite.

  • reduction of bodycircumference in cm/inches with strong reforming of the treated area 


De way of action of the VelaShape III


The majority of the treated patients with the VelaShape III experience comfort and the treatment feels like a warm and comfortable massage. The treatment is not complex and the practitioner can adjust the treatment any time to make it for you as comfortable as possible. It is normal that you feel warmth, even afterwards, it can persist for some hours and it is very pleasant.

Some patients experience erythema on the treated areas. That is a normal phenomenon, it disappears within a few hours after the procedure. After the treatment there a NO restrictions. Best is to massage the area with a appropiate bodycream twice a day or lotion and to be physical active as possible.


Way of action of the VelaShape treatment

The skin will be sucked and pulled up with the vacuumtechnology. The skin and the connective tissue will be heated by the combination of infrared and radiofrequency technology.and the connective tissue. The VelaShape has different programs for several skintypes or skincondition.

Thanks to the vacuumtechnic and heating of the tissue, we achieve a better bloodcirculation and lymfatic circulation in the underlying connective tissue which causes acceleration of the metabolisme in the fatcells. The result is: fastened clearance of a surplus and unwanted fattissue and natural drainage.

Already after a few VelaShape bodytreatments you loose literally centimeters/inches of bodycircumference. Especially in areas where sport, fitness and diets have no effect.


Who fits the treatment?

VelaShape is a safe, non-ivasive and natural procedure for everybody, for man as also for women, who want to treat persistant fatdeposits and also need to tighten their skin. VelaShape is an excellent and effective method to reduce the signs of cellulite. 

VelaShape is also an excellent method to tighten the skin and for fatreduction on local fatdeposits.


Advantages of the VelaShape III treatment:

  • Safe, painless and non-invasive treatment

  • Stimulation of the production of collagen

  • Stimulation of the production of elastin

  • Increase of oxygen and bloodcirculation in the skin

  • Increase firmness skin

  • Skin gets more tight, smooth and supple

  • Release and remove persistent fatdeposits

  • Visible reduction cellulite